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Meme Fill: Todae

***I know I said that I’d write you something steamy, but this happened instead.

Request: ToDae, in which Seunghyun surprises Daesung in Japan.


See you soon.

Soon is not soon enough, he thinks as he closes the taxi door.
Soon is not soon enough as he tries to speak the foreign words, but instead holds out the sheet of garbled characters for the driver to read.

He wasn’t sure where he was going, the buildings stretched tall, so much like home but without the heady scent of kimchi in the air.

Seunghyun watches people out the window. Lovers holding hands shyly, mothers with their children.  He wonders what it’s like to be able to touch someone so openly, so publicly.  He wonders if there is another Seunghyun somewhere else who has the ability to walk freely hand in hand with his partner, feeding them rice cakes on the street and pressing his lips to their cheek in the bar light.

Every life has its downsides.
He wonders if that other Seunghyun, somewhere out there, traded his whole heart for a person he loved less, just to be able to hold them in front of dozens of eyes everyday.

Seunghyun thinks that this love behind closed doors, the one that rattles his core but holds him strong and steady all at once, that love is something he would never be able to trade.

Daesung’s eyes go from sleepy, to confused, to stunned in a matter of a second, but after that there is nothing but warmth in his gaze. And then the warmth of his hands as he pulls his lover into the small Japanese apartment.

Soon is never soon enough, Seunghyun breathes into bleach-dried locks, and in that moment he holds his love like he imagines he could in another life.

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This is my favourite fancam ever turned into DVD part.

Daesung starts singing the song Love (and his face is amazing at that moment) and Seunghyun holds a mic for him and his face is amazing, too (proud) and then Daesung ends and gestures to Seunghyun to continue, and he does, and GD laughs and yells HYUNG SERIOUSLY, IT’S ENOUGH and Seungri is dying from laughter and.


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Daesung and TOP sharing.

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